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brmlab/acarsdec 11

acars messages receive, decode

brmlab/brmdoor 7

Brmdoor control software; Software for handling (un)locking brmlab door using RFID cards, ringing the bell and announcing state of the door and video broadcast

brmlab/brmbar 5

This software is used in brmlab to maintain wallet of members and enable them to buy stuff on bar by scanning barcodes

brmlab/BLIT 4

Brmlab Linux Improvements Toolkit

brmlab/edubrm 4

Our work for Global Hackerspace Challenge. It is supposed to aid teaching of electrotechical basics

brmlab/gsm 4

Fun with GSM using 4 Motorola C series GSM phones connected to PC

brmlab/ledbar 4

Fun with 1D LED display at brmlab

brmlab/brmdoor_libnfc 3

Access system implementation with Raspi and RFID (ISO-14443) cards. Makes uncloneable cards possible with cryptography (unlike many commercial systems). With status reporting over IRC and SFTP.

brmlab/intro-8bit 3

8bit-like visuals made for brmlab opening party

brmlab/lasic 3

The Brmlab Lasercutter

fork VB6Hobbyst7/NeuroskyTest

Neurosky UI in Gambas

fork in 10 days