Brandon Byskov brandonbyskov CJ Affiliate Toronto, Canada & LA, California

sudonatalie/vnc-client 5

VNC Remote Desktop Client developed purely in Haskell.

brandonbyskov/3GC3-Assignment-3 0

CS 3GC3 Assignment 3, displaying 3D terrain

brandonbyskov/4F03-MandelBox-Project 0

Parallel programming to generate images of Mandelboxes.

brandonbyskov/advent-of-code 0

Advent of Code solutions

brandonbyskov/ 0

Brandon Byskov profile website

brandonbyskov/graphql-voyager 0

🛰️ Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph

brandonbyskov/haskell-companies 0

A gently curated list of companies using Haskell in industry

brandonbyskov/yesod-bootstrap 0

Bootstrap components for yesod