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Sumana Harihareswara brainwane Changeset Consulting New York, NY, USA Python programmer, manager, tech writer, mentor, release manager for hire. @pypa member, @recursecenter alumna, @OpenTechStrategies colleague.

brainwane/gf-family-tree 9

Geek Feminism Family Tree

brainwane/carmen 5

Where on the Oregon Trail is Carmen Sandiego?

brainwane/active-geolocator 0

Testbed implementation of various "active geolocation" algorithms.

brainwane/ 0

My personal blog

brainwane/archspec 0

A library for detecting, labeling, and reasoning about microarchitectures

brainwane/Bicho 0

Bicho is a command line based tool used to parse bug/issue tracking systems

issue commentpypa/

Promoting Brian Rutledge as maintainer of the PUG

Yeah, this sounds good to me!


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issue commentpypa/warehouse

Roadmap update for TUF support

sorry, I don't have time to look into this - @ewdurbin could you see about giving Will project board permissions for this repo? Thanks.


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pull request commentsecure-systems-lab/ssl-site

Add threat modeling blog post

When is this likely to be published? cc @JustinCappos


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issue openedbokeh/pm

intern project ideas

@bryevdv Somewhere within Bokeh's documentation, wiki, repositories, or elsewhere, please start a listing of little project ideas for Google Summer of Code/Outreachy/LFX interns.

The first one on the list: creating a JOSS item for Bokeh, to get a DOI for researchers to cite.

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pull request commentbokeh/

Update roadmap

@bryevdv can we merge this? Thanks.


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issue commentpypa/

Unifying with, possibly other PyPA docs too

@nlhkabu and @ei8fdb I'd like to hear your thoughts on this question, if you have time -- it feels connected to the documentation work you were doing in late 2020.


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