boscowitch/wadoku-notify 7

automatic German-Japanese (wadoku) dictionary lookup tool !! NOTE: NOT LONGER IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT!!! AN WADOKU AND EDICT REMAKE IS AVAILABALE IN THE wago-popup-dict REPOSITORY (

sickert/Almond-Embedded 6

The embedded component of Almond

boscowitch/wago-popup-dict 2

Japanese Edict / Wadoku popup dictionary tool replacement for wadoku-notify also written in vala

boscowitch/advcpmv 1

A patch for cp / mv to add progress bars

boscowitch/dict-notify 1

a vala dict client that automatically looks up and shows the results in a notificaiton window

boscowitch/edict-notify 1

edict version of wadoku-notify

boscowitch/WajitenxsltConverter 1

japanese dictionary xml converter (wadoku, JMdict)

boscowitch/android-sqlite-asset-helper 0

An Android helper class to manage database creation and version management using an application's raw asset files

boscowitch/docker-proftpd 0

Dockerfile for vsftpd

boscowitch/docker.ubuntu 0

Docker role for Ansible on Ubuntu 12.04+