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blunty666/CC-Pathfinding-and-Mapping 2

A collection of APIs and programs to allow pathfinding and mapping within the ComputerCraft mod for Minecraft

blunty666/CC-Programs-and-APIs 2

A collection of various ComputerCraft programs and APIs

blunty666/Aloof 1

A Java inspired OOP framework built for the Lua programming language intended primarily for the Minecraft mod ComputerCraft

blunty666/cc-packman 0

A package manager for ComputerCraft.

blunty666/cc-raidtools 0

A LyqydOS-based RAID utility for use with ComputerCraft's disk drives.

blunty666/LyqydOS 0

A full windowing 'operating system' for ComputerCraft.

blunty666/plethora 0

A peripheral provider for ComputerCraft