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Tom Oakley blokeley Cambridge, UK

17twenty/canvas 3

An Open Source Project from Cambridge Design Partnership

blokeley/commutes 1

Analysis of commute times using Python and pandas

blokeley/pylibra 1

Reads serial data from RS232 serial ports and (1) displays them in a GUI or in command line output; and (2) writes the data to a CSV file

blokeley/backup_dropbox 0

Dropbox Business local backup tool

blokeley/bug.n_settings 0

bug.n configuration settings

blokeley/check_email_domains 0

Warn Outlook user if they are sending email to recipients from multiple email domains

blokeley/clearbooks 0

Python library for interacting with ClearBooks

blokeley/dotfiles 0

Settings files

blokeley/eagle 0

Motor drive utilities for the Raspberry Pi

blokeley/eagle_serial 0

Serial communication utilities


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fork TheSven73/microcovid

Estimating the COVID risk of ordinary activities

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fork 17twenty/nine4

🎆 Website Templates Built With Next.js & Styled With Tailwind CSS

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created repository17twenty/tailwind-jit-test

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