Bryan bkauyeung Berkeley Information and Data Science Student

bkauyeung/dataset-examples 0

Samples for users of the Yelp Academic Dataset

bkauyeung/docker-images 0

docker images for class

bkauyeung/Human-or-Robot 0

Kaggle Competition: Facebook Recruiting IV: Human or Robot?

bkauyeung/query-landing-page 0

work in progress

bkauyeung/Robot-or-Human 0

Final Project

bkauyeung/ucb_w205_crook_supplement 0

UC Berkeley, W205 Data Engineering, 2018 Spring, Kevin Crook's supplement

jhylee/Query 0

This application was created in 36 hours at the HackingEDU Hackathon in San Mateo, California. Please refer to the devpost link for more details.