bish22ah/AutoHCK 0

AutoHCK is a tool for automating HCK/HLK testing, doing all the boilerplate steps in the process leaving you with simply choosing which driver you want to test on what os.

bish22ah/kvm-guest-drivers-windows 0

Windows paravirtualized

bish22ah/kvm-guest-drivers-windows-1 0

Windows virtio drivers

bish22ah/net-telnet 0

Provides telnet client functionality.

bish22ah/net-tftp 0

Ruby implementation of TFTP. Fork of net-tftp by Guillaume Marcais

bish22ah/qemu 0

Official QEMU mirror. Please see for how to submit changes to QEMU. Pull Requests are ignored. Please only use release tarballs from the QEMU website.

bish22ah/rtoolsHCK-1 0

Ruby gem for managing and maintaining the HCK setup remotely.