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bhurlow/machine-share 305

import and export docker machines between computers

bhurlow/docker-kirby-nginx 9

docker container for running kirby cms apps

bhurlow/clj-livereload 4

livereload server for clojure workflows

bhurlow/mirror 3

isomorphic clojure web apps

astoltz/jukebox 1


bhurlow/docker-riemann 1

containerized riemann

bhurlow/elastic-query 1

build elasticsearch queries the sane way

bhurlow/lein-node 1

Ubuntu 14.04 based docker image with java8, leiningen and node v4.1.2

bhurlow/.vim 0

me and vim

bhurlow/ansi-terminal-codes 0

mappings between ansi keyboard and their natural language counterparts


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issue commentbhurlow/machine-share

Add instructions to remove a machine in the readme

Feel free to make a PR updating the docs


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fork bhurlow/datahike

A durable Datalog implementation adaptable for distribution.

fork in 2 months


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