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Berker Peksag berkerpeksag Helsinki, Finland @python core developer

benoitc/gunicorn 7851

gunicorn 'Green Unicorn' is a WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX, fast clients and sleepy applications.

emre/storm 3841

Manage your SSH like a boss.

celery/kombu 2221

Messaging library for Python.

celery/django-celery 1434

Old Celery integration project for Django

anandkunal/ToroPHP 1169

Toro is a PHP router for developing RESTful web applications and APIs.

berkerpeksag/astor 603

Python AST read/write

celery/billiard 331

Multiprocessing Pool Extensions

emre/kaptan 300

configuration manager in your pocket.

berkerpeksag/github-badge 294

GitHub Badge is a simple embeddable badge showing your GitHub stats like the number of public repositories, number of followers, favorite languages etc.

celery/py-amqp 259

amqplib fork

push eventpsf/bpo-tracker-cpython

Berker Peksag

commit sha afb0fb2c0248f66f988aa1c159b3f7d775416abe

Fix typos in successful login messages

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Ammar Askar

commit sha 0a32e072aafca20c0bf51cf16fb6a7328cdd720a

Use exact match for Github email lookup

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pull request commentpython/pythontestdotnet

Fix ftp/README typo

Thank you.


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Ryan Mast

commit sha a982b6744598e665cc4e5e84ce4bf9e773c3bfe0

Fix ftp/README typo

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PR merged python/pythontestdotnet

Fix ftp/README typo

Just came across a minor typo when reading about the infra setup.

Is there info somewhere on whether pythontest dot net can run services other than just an http/ftp server (e.g. a test smtp server)?

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pull request commentpsf/bpo-tracker-cpython

Fix 'Add me from the nosy list' message

Thank you!


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Sergey Fedoseev

commit sha 796c1ecec065977015333d6bf7f18403b5684fd2

Fix 'Add me from the nosy list' message

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