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Marc Ludwig befedo -STUDENT- Jena

befedo/Formelsammlung 1

Meine Formelsammlung, zum Elektrotechnik Studium.

befedo/SPImasterSlave 1

SPI Master and Slave modules for Altera FPGA's.

befedo/numa 0

Calculating with Matrices, such as eigenvalues and coditions, etc..

befedo/ 0

Create file with random integers from

befedo/slope 0

A library to create charts from raw data using cairo. Can be shown in GtkDrawingArea

befedo/vhdl_prng 0

Pseudo Random Number Generators as synthesizable VHDL code

matthibpunkt/DSP_Synthesizer 0

create a Synthesizer, which plays a MIDI Format

issue commentthedirtyfew/dash-leaflet

Plugin for Fullscreen Control

Thanks! The icons are currently hardcoded (though that could easily be changed). But I guess you could change the icon by defining classes with the same names as in font awesome.

If you want a ‘real’ custom leaflet control, you would have to implement it in the React layer. In Dash, you can get some of the way using a div on top of the map.

Hi there,

I've tried the solution and got a follow up question (not related to the fullscreen control). I've placed a dash_core_components.Inputon top of my map. Each time the Input get's clicked the underlying map gets also a click_lat_lngevent.

Is there any way to prevent this?

best regards and thanks for your time


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