Brandon Eckenrode beckenrode Dover, PA, USA

beckenrode/mysql-workbench-export-laravel-5-migrations 891

A MySQL Workbench plugin which exports a Model to Laravel 5 Migrations

beckenrode/luminateMantle 7

Luminate Mantle is a Wordpress Plugin for use with Luminate Online. It provides a wrapper around the Luminate Online REST API.

beckenrode/vue-generators 4

A Laravel package that provides two generators to speed up your Vue development process.

beckenrode/Tortoise-GIT 2

Allows Atom to interact with TortoiseGit to perform GIT commands using TortoiseGitProc.

beckenrode/Nest-Extend 1

Nest Extend is a WordPress Plugin for use with the Nest Cloud API

beckenrode/BitcoinECDSA.php 0

PHP library to generate BTC addresses and signatures from private keys.

beckenrode/BitWasp 0

Open Source Bitcoin Marketplace Software

beckenrode/grab-it-by-the-pussy 0

For the true Trump supporters. Grab It By The Pussy(GIBTP) enhances your shopping experience by replacing the 'Add to Cart' button with a 'Grab it by the Pussy' button on your favorite shopping sites within the Google Chrome browser.

beckenrode/icons 0

Official open source SVG icon library for Bootstrap.

issue commentbeckenrode/mysql-workbench-export-laravel-5-migrations

Laravel 8 migration version

Hey! I want you to get the GitHub credit for your work. Please following the instructions at and I'll merge it right in! Thank you for your contributions!


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