beccasaurus/FluentXml 4

↔️ .NET XML library providing fluent XML for querying and creating XML documents

beccasaurus/classic-asp 3

🎲 Rack/Rails-inspired web framework and DB abstraction layer built on top of legacy MS classic asp (experiment)

beccasaurus/aim 2

Minimalistic DSL for creating AOL Instant Messenger bots (on top of Net::TOC)

beccasaurus/factory_girl_extensions 2

FactoryGirl syntax extension

beccasaurus/activerecord-comments 1

Provides an easy to access database table/column comments from ActiveRecord

beccasaurus/active_racksource 1

Rack backend for ActiveResource for testing RESTful Rack APIs

beccasaurus/andrake 1

Experimental project for Phoenix Android meetup

beccasaurus/ashacache-gui 1

Client library and GUI for Ashacache Rails application (Shoes/ActiveResource)

beccasaurus/ass 1

Prototype of assembly management system for .NET

beccasaurus/aux_codes 1

Easy manage and query multiple enums in 1 database table