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Ben Chauvette bdchauvette @ForwardFinancing New Hampshire, USA

bdchauvette/markov-chains 55

General markov chains for javascript

bdchauvette/leipzig.js 37

Interlinear glossing for the browser

bdchauvette/markov-chains-text 9

Fake text, powered by Markov chains

bdchauvette/nano-blue 6

A (bluebird promisified) minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

bdchauvette/gulp-prettier 4

Gulp plugin to format code with prettier

bdchauvette/pokewrap 2

A JavaScript wrapper for the Pokemon API

bdchauvette/icw 1

:boat: Async iteration utility library for JavaScript

bdchauvette/ 1

Source for

bdchauvette/mithril-node-render 1

Use mithril views to render server side

bdchauvette/react-split 1

Text splitting components for React