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azyzio/ar_after_transaction 0

Execute irreversible actions only when transactions are not rolled back

azyzio/best_in_place 0

A RESTful unobtrusive jQuery Inplace-Editor and a helper as a Rails Gem

azyzio/chatwoot 0

Open-source live chat software, an alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Drift, Crisp etc. 🔥💬

azyzio/cypress-rails 0

Helps you write Cypress tests of your Rails app

azyzio/link 0

Link: Keep and publish web links via HTML, RSS, and JSON.

azyzio/RiskCalculationFPGA 0

FPGA design for very fast Value at Risk calculation for Asian Options

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Out-of-office autoresponder disabled

I am happy to help out, would you be able to provide some context about what was wrong with it? I can work on the fixes


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