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awt/bitmarkets 2

Bitmessage based p2p marketplace client

awt/cachedemo 2

A demonstration of caching issues in WebKit

awt/bitmessage 1

A gem that implements a simple bitmessage client

awt/bugzilla-updater 1

Updates Bugzilla bugs with commit ids in bug comments.

awt/capybara 1

Acceptance test framework for web applications

awt/CashDash 1

Metrics Dashboard Webapp

awt/ebay 1

Ruby interface to the eBay XML Trading API

awt/active_shipping 0

Shipping API extension for Active Merchant.

awt/acts-as-taggable-on 0

A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.


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created repositorycmer/https-redir

An extremely simple program that listens on HTTP port 80 and redirects the request to HTTPS port 443.

created time in 21 days

fork cmer/Bonjourr

iOS styled StartPage

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fork cmer/sendy

Sendy Docker Image Repository

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created repositorycmer/check_open_smtp_port

Tests whether outbound connections to port 25 are allowed by probing the MX record of a random domain name.

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