This is the public roadmap for AWS container services (ECS, ECR, Fargate, and EKS).



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[ECS,Fargate] Multiple target groups for a service hot 2
[EKS] [request]: Enable Pod Preset for EKS hot 1
[eks] [request]: Insufficient hot 1
[EKS] [request]: Enable PodNodeSelector Admission Controller for EKS hot 1
[ECR] [request]: Cloudformation integration for ECR vulnerability scanning hot 1
[EKS] [request]: allow to configure ipvs kube-proxy mode hot 1
[EKS] [request]: AWS Secrets Manager / SSM Parameter Store hot 1
Pod does not have label hot 1
[EKS][service] [request]: Kubernetes 1.14 fix for cronjobs/jobs number hot 1
EKS:Feature:NLB/ELB Ingress hot 1
Pod does not have label hot 1
[ECR][request] Image security scanning return 'undefined' hot 1
[eks] [request]: Insufficient hot 1
ecs update force-new-update does not trigger a deployment hot 1
AWS Fargate GPU Support: When is GPU support coming to fargate? hot 1

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