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beancount/fava 1088

Fava - web interface for Beancount

aumayr/beancount-sql-queries 10

Examples for beancount SQL queries

aumayr/fava 6

fava - Web interface for beancount

aumayr/beancount-pygments-lexer 3

pygments-Lexer for beancount-files

aumayr/fava-electron 3

Electron-wrapper for fava

aumayr/beancount_urlscheme 2

Utility to register the beancount:// URL Scheme

aumayr/excel-macro-extractor 2

Windows Command Line application to extract .vba-files from .xlsm-files

aumayr/airsonos 0

AirPlay to Sonos

aumayr/ARKit-CoreLocation 0

Combines the high accuracy of AR with the scale of GPS data.

aumayr/cinemaple 0

Movie Night Management Software