aufau/SaberMod 6

A Jedi Knight 2 1.04 mod for competitive community.

aufau/jk2sdk-gpl 3

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 1.04 SDK licensed under GPLv2

aufau/fontbuilder 2

Bitmap font generator

aufau/jedi-outcast 1

Jedi Knight II multiplayer client for linux

aufau/jk2mp 1

Jedi Outcast Movie Maker's Edition

aufau/jk2pugbot 1

Simple IRC bot written in C for organizing pickup games.

aufau/cmake-bundle-macos 0

Portable sample app for MacOS X using CMake and CPack.

aufau/EternalJK 0

Effort to maintain and improve OpenJK

aufau/fontconfig-ultimate 0

freetype2-infinality run-time settings => infinality compatible fontconfig => infinality-bundle

aufau/jk2mv 0

JK2MV (Multi Version) is a modification for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It supports all three game versions and comes with various features and optimizations.

PR opened JACoders/OpenJK

Fix crash or freeze when there is too much text visible in the console

Game was freezing or crashing when there were too many characters visible at the same time in the console. Easy to reproduce with high resolution display. Commit messages describe what was causing crashes and what had to be done.

After changes excessive characters are not printed but at least client remains functional, console prompt and latest console lines are visible:


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