Atul Gopinathan atul-g Student, SRMIST, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India A CS undergraduate. :D

atul-g/rust_vm 12

A simple virtual machine written in Rust emulating the LC3 computer

atul-g/object_detection_on_cavities 6

Detecting cavities or tooth decay on images of teeth using Tensorflow's Object Detection API.

atul-g/plasma-power-monitor 6

A KDE Plasma widget to monitor the power consumption of your battery.

atul-g/flutter-roadmap 2

A Flutter app where users can create a roadmap/plan of the tasks/goals that they are trying to accomplish or achieve

atul-g/bash_utility_scripts 1

Simple Bash scripts used frequently

atul-g/dodge_the_ammo 1

An RL environment where the agent learns to dodge bullets fired at it using Q-learning techniques.

atul-g/Facial_Expression_Recognition 1

A personal project on Facial Expression Recognition where I have created a Flask backend website which uses OpenCV to capture video through (server) webcam, detects the face in the frames and classifies the frame to the expression displayed.

atul-g/video-chat 1

A realtime video and textual communication web-app made using ReactJS and NodeJS.

atul-g/acrobot 0

A DQN for training the OpenAI gym's Acrobot-v1 to learn to cross a line.

atul-g/anime-cli 0

A commandline app for searching about animes and its seasons and number of seasons and airing status.

issue commentatul-g/plasma-power-monitor

Feature request: show 'AC' when on AC

Hi @jlemonde

I now feel like my comment in the sounds a bit misleading. The "huge numbers" you see is not exactly an issue or a bug. When the laptop is on AC, the current supply increases a lot, hence the huge power value (in my case, it tops at ~40W). In fact, you may see this value drop a lot when the charge percentage has passed 80/90% simply because laptops reduce the charging rate when it is close to full.

My widget uses the current value supplied directly by the kernel through the "/sys/class/power_supply/BATx/current_now" file. You can check it yourself and compare the current values in your laptop when on AC and battery.

I don't want to display "AC" as the main purpose of the widget is to show the power consumption. However, I can show something like "xx W 🗲" just to make it clearer if really needed, but even this is redundant considering that user would already have the AC/charging indicator in KDE's battery icon.

I can definitely update the to make the reason for rise in power value during AC more clearer to users though :D Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


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issue commentAdnanHodzic/auto-cpufreq

Permission Error in Pop_OS 21.04

I had to remove the snap install completely and install fresh Hey @AMoonRabbit , by installing fresh, did you mean a re-install with snap itself or installing it via auto-cpufreq-installer ?


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