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Alexander Songe asonge Lafayette, Louisiana

asonge/loom 207

A CRDT library with δ-CRDT support.

asonge/graphql 86

Elixir graphql library

asonge/erlaudio 24

Erlang PortAudio bindings

asonge/phoenix_presence 4

Proof of concept

asonge/erlydtl 2

Django Template for Erlang

asonge/aacplusenc 1

AAC+ Encoder

asonge/coherence 1

Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix

asonge/excheck 1

Property-based testing library for Elixir (QuickCheck style).

asonge/jQTouch 1

A jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other forward-thinking devices.

asonge/mochiweb 1

MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.


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