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ashley williams ashleygwilliams @rust-lang ATX a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. @rustlang core. rustWASM WG. former @rustfoundation exec dir, @nodejs director, @npmjs, @mozilla

ashleygwilliams/a-very-brief-intro-to-rust 152

a very quick intro to rust syntax for those new to the language

ashleygwilliams/ 80

hi, i'm ashley. nice to meet you.

ashleygwilliams/assert_approx_eq 21

a rust macro for asserting 2 numbers are approximately equal

ashleygwilliams/a-tale-of-two-asyncs 20

how language values shape the features we build and the journeys we take to design them

ashleygwilliams/are-we-wasm-yet 7

crawls the npm registry, looking for wasm

ashleygwilliams/appgen 5

a single sinatra application that randomly generates standalone apps from nyc open datasets

ashleygwilliams/assert_ne 5

assert not equals

abelsonlive/meatwaves 3

tweet from meat

ag-dubs/peanutbutter-and-jelly-sandwich 2

an example repo about contributing to open source