asadpanda/UDP- 4

UDP transport protocol (in order)

asadpanda/kvm-guest-drivers-windows 1

Windows paravirtualized

asadpanda/RapidFTR 1

RapidFTR streamlines and speeds up the Family Tracing and Reunification process using small handheld devices to collect information.

asadpanda/ScrumDo 1

ScrumDo Agile Story Tracking Website

asadpanda/base-drafts 0

Internet-Drafts that make up the base QUIC specification

asadpanda/conman 0

ConMan: The Console Manager

asadpanda/eclipse-ui-themes 0

Dark UI Theme for Eclipse 4+

asadpanda/Flat-UI 0

Flat UI pack

asadpanda/noVNC 0

VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with encryption (wss://) support.

asadpanda/spice-html5 0

a html5 client for the spice protocol