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Artem Trytiak artyomtrityak Atlassian San Francisco Bay area I am doing JavaScript and playing board games

artyomtrityak/backbone.controller 141

Controller for Backbone MV*

artyomtrityak/d3-explorer 88

Exploring D3.js with React.js

artyomtrityak/backbone-package-template 28

Backbone.js, Require.js architecture for packages (widgets) based projects

artyomtrityak/ec-deploy-mobile 10

Electric Deploy ReactNative iPhone app

artyomtrityak/Atlantis 9

Main Atlantis New Origins development Repository

artyomtrityak/backbone.model.state 8

Adds state points to your Backbone models, store and restore data.

artyomtrityak/3d-force-graph 1

3D force-directed graph component using ThreeJS/WebGL

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Artem Trytiak

commit sha 96c93d89f832b7f0231070bf0e7be7780b3e1e76

Add Keep fix and report

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Artem Trytiak

commit sha 37fde521e8e9b0d192369e6304959278c0c08bf8

Merge branch 'master' of

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Valdis Zobēla

commit sha 4de82d1e759771a13ad6e9da479380e94beaf693

do not mention unit who not made any attack in the battle log (#122)

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