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Arturo Gutiérrez arturogutierrez @47deg Alovera, Spain Software Engineer. Game dev hobbyist. Father^2.

arturogutierrez/Badges 175

Android library to show badges on app icons in supported launchers.

arturogutierrez/Animated-GIF-iPhone 130

Support for Animated GIF on iOS.

arturogutierrez/Openticator 81

Another authenticator implementation

arturogutierrez/gradle-script-kotlin-example 37

App using Gradle Script Kotlin

arturogutierrez/RemoteBus 17

A bus implementation to pass messages between iOS apps and extensions.

arturogutierrez/flutter_disneyplus 8

Disney+ clone built using Flutter

arturogutierrez/AndEngineSpriterExtension 4

AndEngine Spriter Extension

arturogutierrez/AndEngineSpriterExtensionExample 2

A example project using the usual monster.scml

arturogutierrez/flutter_minesweeper 2

A MineSweeper game built using Flutter

arturogutierrez/AndEngine 1

Free Android 2D OpenGL Game Engine