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artemk/apple_epf 21

Downloader, Extractor and Parser for Apple Epf Affiliate files

artemk/appsent 1

config management tool

artemk/cache-money 1

A Write-Through Cacheing Library for ActiveRecord

artemk/communityengine 1

Adds basic social networking capabilities to your existing application, including users, blogs, photos, clippings, favorites, and more.

artemk/devise 1

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

artemk/dust_blog 1

Alteration of Blog-Kit that works with Dust cms

artemk/enginex 1

An executable which creates a bare Rails 3 engine (which is used in Crafting Rails Applications)

artemk/factory_girl 1

Fixture replacement for focused and readable tests.

artemk/forem 1

Its greatest dream is to be the best Rails 3 forum engine ever. A work in progress.