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issue openedokta/okta-react-native

okta-react-native: different android/ios behavior of `introspectAccessToken`

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Current behavior

The introspectAccessToken function provided by okta-react-native behaves differently on Android and on iOS.

On iOS, it resolves with the entire contents of the token. On Android, it only includes a hard-coded list of fields. This means that if you have extra claims on your access token, they are not available in the Android implementation.

Expected behavior

The function should return the entire token on both platforms.

The easiest way to do this would be to move the implementation out of native code and into js. All of the token introspection functions could be implemented the same way that getUserFromIdToken currently is: retrieve the token from the native module, and then call jwt.decode() on it. (That's the workaround to this bug, incidentally.)

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

import {introspectAccessToken} from '@okta/okta-react-native';

// This function will succeed on iOS and fail on Android.
async function retrieveAccessToken() {
  const accessToken = await introspectAccessToken();
  // This assumes you have an extra `groups` claim on your access token.
  if (!accessToken.groups) {
    throw Error('Missing field in access token');
  return accessToken;

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  • Package Version: @okta/okta-react-native 1.4.0
  • Browser: n/a
  • OS: Android
  • Node version (node -v): n/a
  • Other:

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issue commentokta/okta-oidc-js

okta-react-native: different android/ios behavior of `introspectAccessToken`

It appears that the SDK still only extracts a hard-coded list of fields: Thus, this problem still exists. (Although I assume this issue belongs in that project now.)


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Still an issue


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