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antonioparisi/intercomx 1

The unoffical intercom api in elixir

antonioparisi/openshift-nginx-unicorn-ruby-cartridge 1

Openshift cartridge using nginx + unicorn + ruby ideal for DIY

antonioparisi/animate.css 0

Cross-browser CSS3 animations. Plug and play. Do a little dance.

antonioparisi/anycable-go 0

Anycable Go WebSocket Server

antonioparisi/ 0

Hacker to the 💚

antonioparisi/cloudinex 0

Elixir Cloudinary library

antonioparisi/creditcard-validator 0

A pretty simple OO ruby test app used to check if a credit card number is valid or not, based on the Luhn Algorithm

antonioparisi/dotfiles 0

~antonioparisi - my dotfiles


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