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anton-matosov/Alistank 1

Raspberry PI based controller for tank chassis

anton-matosov/AlamofireReactiveExtensions 0

Alamofire with ReactiveSwift

anton-matosov/appveyor-client 0

Appveyor Python Client

anton-matosov/arkit-demo 0

A sample application that demos the fundamentals of ARKit development for iOS 11.

anton-matosov/AutobahnCpp 0

WAMP for C++ 11 on Boost/Asio

anton-matosov/Autopilot-TensorFlow 0

A TensorFlow implementation of this Nvidia paper: with some changes

anton-matosov/autorally 0

Software for the AutoRally platform

anton-matosov/BioNEAT 0

Biologically inspired neurons for NEAT