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Jesse Andrews anotherjesse Planet Labs San Francisco, CA

anotherjesse/bookburro 16

Book Burro for Firefox

anotherjesse/fotomatic 14

Flash photo widget prototype - hacked at last SHDH of 2007

anotherjesse/fobliki 12

Forum, Blog, Wiki for AppEngine

anotherjesse/firenomics 11

Firenomics is a place to find and share awesome extensions.

anotherjesse/elasticfox 9

ec2 extension for firefox

anotherjesse/flashlitebox 8

Full screen "lightbox" in flash in under 1KB

anotherjesse/chromr 6

flickr new tab ui

anotherjesse/exception_logger 6

our hacks to exception_logger

anotherjesse/bb-site 5

Book Burro website (couchdb+sinatra)

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Jesse Andrews

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