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Jason St. Louis anotherJay Winnipeg, MB, Canada

anotherJay/redmine_wiki_notes 1

Adds some macros to the wiki to display a note/info/warning/tip block

anotherJay/bootstrap-datepicker 0

A datepicker for @twitter bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by @eternicode

anotherJay/chef-f5 0

An F5 Chef cookbook to manage pools and VIPs on an F5 bigip

anotherJay/consul-client 0

Java Client for Consul HTTP API

anotherJay/consul-cookbook 0

Application cookbook which installs and configures Consul.

anotherJay/devoxx-hands-on-ratpack-java 0

Devoxx 2015 Hands on Ratpack

anotherJay/f5-icontrol 0

A SOAP interface and CLI tool for the F5 appliance

anotherJay/fastly-ruby 0

Fastly API Gem