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sumedhpendurkar/phd-review-system 1

PhD review system for Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station

annashekhawat/cloud-project-1 0

Project 1 (using the AWS EC2, S3, API Gateway, Lambda Functions) of the CSCE 678 Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing course

annashekhawat/comparative-abusive-lang 0

Comparative Studies of Detecting Abusive Language on Twitter

annashekhawat/Densenet-Tensorflow 0

Simple Tensorflow implementation of Densenet using Cifar10, MNIST

annashekhawat/DenseNet-TensorFlow-1 0

DenseNet for cifar10

annashekhawat/hw-ruby-intro 0

Ruby Introduction Assignment for Agile Development using Ruby on Rails