Andrew Kalek anlek Anlek Consulting Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Software craftsperson, tinkerer and biohacker.

phusion/baseimage-docker 8278

A minimal Ubuntu base image modified for Docker-friendliness

anlek/mongify 314

Mongify allows you to map your data from a sql database and into a mongodb document database.

davidray/twitter-bootstrap-calendar 27

Responsive calendar using a 7-column grid based on twitter bootstrap 2

anlek/mongify-mongoid 9

Mongify-Mongoid lets you use your Mongify translation file to build Mongoid models

anlek/draper-cancan 7

Adds simple cancan features to your decorators

anlek/freshbooks.rb 4

FreshBooks API wrapper

anlek/integrity-notifyio 3 notifier for the Integrity continuous integration server

anlek/rails_log_converter 2

Converts a log file into a SQLite database so you can run queries on it

anlek/shipping 2

An easy to use shipping API for Ruby. Shipping is used to calculate shipping costs, track orders and other shipping based processes through major shipping companies such as, UPS and Fedex, etc.

mrozbarry/gertka 2

GPS Bus Stuff


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issue commentanlek/mongify

Update failed error in - mongify process command

Unfortunately, I don't have a solution at this time. If I had more time, I might be able to upgrade the dependencies. However, life is a bit busier these days then it used to be.


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