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Andy☼ McSherry☼ andyland Andy McSherry San Francisco, CA

andyland/Tortuga22-NinePatch 20

Tortuga22's NinePatch Library

andyland/proguardDemo 18

Proguard Demo for the Cincy Android Dev Group

andyland/PullToRefresh 10

Modification of Leah's PullToRefresh to allow for implementing delegate/dataSource protocols rather than subclassing

andyland/CalculusTools 4

Math application for Android

andyland/ncaarankings 3

NCAA Football Rankings Algorithm

andyland/ios-sdk 1

iOS SDK for TuneWiki's Public API

andyland/android-rss 0

Lightweight Android library to read parts of RSS 2.0 feeds.

andyland/androidannotations 0

Fast Android Development. Easy maintainance.

andyland/Big-Blue-Bus-Schedule 0

an iPhone app "Big Blue Bus Schedule"

andyland/CocoaLumberjack 0

A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS