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andrzej-bieniek/SleekBot 3

Bot framework using the SleekXMPP library

andrzej-bieniek/django-userskins 2

A pluggable Django app for allowing users to pick among a variety of skins for webapps.

andrzej-bieniek/G2 2

Internet Jukebox web-app. Run your own radio station with a shared playlist

andrzej-bieniek/pkg-gst-debug-viewer 2

Debian package for gst-debug-viewer (Upstream )

andrzej-bieniek/playitslowly 2

Play it slowly is a software to play back audio files at a different speed or pitch.

andrzej-bieniek/buildbot 1

Fork to add mercurial support (based on gitpooler).

andrzej-bieniek/gupnp-python 1

GUPnP Python bindings / tests

andrzej-bieniek/irssilog.vim 1

Syntax for viewing Irssi logs

andrzej-bieniek/pkg-gupnp 1

Fixes to get it working from python (tested in Ubuntu). Cloned from:

andrzej-bieniek/pkg-mpristester 1

A developer tool for testing the MPRIS interface of media players