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Andrew Hill andrewjrhill @Imerso3D Oslo, Norway Mostly involved in building beautiful, scalable and maintainable user interfaces and experiences.

andrewjrhill/facebookEventAPI 2

:satellite: A very small jQuery script to return event data from Facebooks' graphing API.

andrewjrhill/kubrick 2

🎬 An isomorphic application built with MeteorJS to keep track of movies in your collection.

andrewjrhill/LaunchingBalloons 1

:balloon: A website dedicated to photographing earth and space from the bottom of a weather balloon.

andrewjrhill/BakerHill 0

This repository contains all code for Baker Hill Digital Agency at

andrewjrhill/devdirector 0

🧬 An angular.js application built to centralize popular developer news sources keep you up to date.

andrewjrhill/Era 0

Era related websites and applications

andrewjrhill/gettingtogrips 0

This repository contains code in various tools in an attempt to find a stack that works best for me.

andrewjrhill/json-to-firestore-upload-script 0

A small script to upload JSON data from a file to a given Firebase collection.

andrewjrhill/parking 0

Repository containing a complete implementation of an "Easy Parking" web application.