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andreacremaschi/ShapeKit 45

iOS Geometry Library

andreacremaschi/Kineto 5

Presence and motion sensing live-tool using CoreImage and Quartz Composer

andreacremaschi/CopyPaper 3

Overlay view controllers, i.e. a navigation controller over a map or a collection view, and let gestures to the view controller underneath.

andreacremaschi/EWProxyFramebuffer 3

Kernel extension (kext) for OS X (Snow Leopard) to simulate a graphic card

andreacremaschi/GEOSwift-dylib-integration-test 2

Test project: integration of a pod with dynamic libraries in a framework

andreacremaschi/Megabuffer 2

Syphon-based buffer with OSC-controlled scrubber and marker setter

andreacremaschi/ShapeKitDemo 2

Demo app for ShapeKit - GEOS wrapper

andreacremaschi/geos-fat-dynamic-bitcode 1

geos Makefile for building armv7, armv7s, arm64, i386, x86_64 with bitcode

andreacremaschi/ABPadLockScreen 0

A simple keypad lock screen for the iPad

andreacremaschi/ADTransitionController 0

UINavigationController with custom transitions


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