Andras Kovi andrask Budapest, Hungary

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Eclipse Platform project repository (eclipse.platform.debug)

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Deployment Automation Platform

andrask/AFImageDownloader 0

Downloads JPEG images asynchronously and decompresses them on a background thread.

andrask/beats 0

:tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

andrask/ble-know-it 0

Find the answers for corner cases in programming with Bluetooth Low Energy.

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A workflow visualization tool for OpenStack Mistral (

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Shows recursive dependencies of Eclipse Java project.

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Registry server for Docker (hosting/delivering of repositories and images)


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issue commentelastic/beats

Increase support of log formats in haproxy filebeat module

#13995 was closed automatically but it has not been fixed, I believe.


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issue commentelastic/beats

Filebeat haproxy module cannot parse syslog line

This issue has not been fixed yet.


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issue commentansible-community/ara

Measuring and improving callback plugin performance

Great! That's awesome when things start to work.

The GUI thing is: so it really needs the host id and task id. I was trying to search for task name. :)


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issue commentansible-community/ara

Measuring and improving callback plugin performance

Disclaimer: I haven't checked the implementation deeply yet.

In my case I ran several playbooks in series. I used Mitogen and Ara at the same time and everything I gained with Mitogen (~31% speed increase) was diminished by Ara. I confirmed this by turning off Ara.

Yes, so the important thing is to make the callback a fire and forget event emitter. 4 is a real alternative, for sure, though we would lose the cool feature of real-time state.

With the other options, some other entity, a proxy, should be responsible for transferring the events to the API server. If we can rely on Linux and POSIX entities, then MessageQueues are one option, or UDP sockets are also viable for the IPC between the processes (and there are tons of other solutions, too). The proxy component may be started smartly, like the ControlPath in ssh.

I also looked at your threading patch. It seems like it doesn't do what you really intended. I mean like here

def v2_runner_on_ok(self, result, **kwargs):
    self.threads.submit(self._load_result(result, "ok", **kwargs))

The submit will submit the result of the _load_result, which is always None. But the _load_result is executed synchronously, so nothing changed. Changing the call to

    self.threads.submit(self._load_result, result, "ok", **kwargs)

may be better. It will cause the function to execute asynchronously. I also commented on the review.

The other thing I found though is that the GUI seems to be a little broken as search for host and task never work for me. Always returned everything. Honestly, I feel like pouring all this data directly to Elasticsearch and visualizing it with Kibana may be a better solution. It allows for much more analysis out of the box.


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issue commentansible-community/ara

Measuring and improving callback plugin performance

Would it be possible to make the reporting asynchronous?


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delete branch : add-license-ref-to-readme

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Add license refrence to

Thank you @CsatariGergely !


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Gergely Csatari

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Add license refrence to

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Andras Kovi

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Merge pull request #11 from nokia/add-license-ref-to-readme Add license refrence to

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Add license refrence to

Adds a refrence to the project license to This is considered a best-practice.

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