anandshah123/spring-documenter 2

Documents All spring annotations with their javadocs links

anandshah123/hack-it-sample 1

The sample banking app project for hacking competition held at Rishabh Software. Hands on experience for hacking

anandshah123/spring-cloud-demo 1

A demo application for learning spring cloud using spring boot

anandshah123/access-pattern-engine 0

Project demonstrates generation of statistics from apache user access logs using apache spark batch processing

anandshah123/akka-stream-contrib 0

Add-ons to Akka Stream

anandshah123/Chat-API 0

The php WhatsApp library

anandshah123/deeplearning4j 0

Deep Learning for Java, Scala & Clojure on Hadoop & Spark With GPUs - From Skymind

anandshah123/ext-auto-grid 0

Ext auto grid converts any div to ext REST grid backed by spring data REST (known as REST repositories)

anandshah123/intelij-flowdock-plugin 0

Intelij flowdock integration plugin for team chat within IDE.

anandshah123/jackson-dataformat-avro 0

Jackson dataformat module to support Avro-encoded data