Amar Zavery amarzavery @Azure Redmond, WA Working on all things node.js, TypeScript, swagger/open api specs and tooling around it.

amarzavery/amqp-common-js 0

Azure AMQP abstractions for javascript/typescript that contains common types and interfaces for use in Service Bus and Event Hubs.

amarzavery/async-lock 0

Lock on asynchronous code for Nodejs

amarzavery/AutoRest 0


amarzavery/autorest.common 0

Common code shared between AutoRest ( modeler and code generators

amarzavery/autorest.csharp 0

Extension for AutoRest ( that generates C# code

amarzavery/autorest.go 0

Extension for AutoRest ( that generates Go code

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Extension for AutoRest ( that generates Java code

issue commentAzure/ms-rest-nodeauth

Cannot authenticate Azure SQL DB due to InvalidAuthenticationTokenAudience error (aud: ``)

Yes this is indeed a bug. To keep things simple, if an error occurs while fetching tenants, the library should skip that step and simply move ahead.

To circumvent this: You can either provide a tenantId using the optional parameter "domain": "<tenant-id>" or

Install Azure-CLI Login via azure cli az login -h and then use

const creds = await AzureCliCredentials.create({resource: "your-resource-id or url"})

This should mostly work.


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