amarcu5/PiPer 239

Browser extension that adds Picture in Picture support to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Twitch, Plex, and more!

amarcu5/EdgeOS-Blacklist 36

Automatically updates IP blacklist for EdgeOS (supports IPv4 & IPv6)

amarcu5/pcg-swift 5

PCG random number generator for Swift 4.2+

amarcu5/TouchBarDisplayTest 3

Touch Bar color test to identify dead pixels or image retention.

amarcu5/GBM-resectability-prediction 1

Reference code for "Improved Prediction of Surgical Resectability in Patients with Glioblastoma using an Artificial Neural Network"

amarcu5/cerebellar-mutism-prediction 0

Reference code for "Improved Prediction of Post-Operative Paediatric Cerebellar Mutism Syndrome Using An Artificial Neural Network"

amarcu5/CLEARSWI.jl 0

improved susceptibility weighted imaging using multi-echo aquisitions

amarcu5/glfw 0

A multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, window and input

amarcu5/py7zr 0

7zip implementation in python3 with various compression methods: LZMA2, LZMA1, Delta, BCJ, BZip2, Deflate, PPMd, ZStandard and AES encryption.