alisdairjsmyth Melbourne, Australia

alisdairjsmyth/node-red-contrib-blindcontroller 18

node-RED node that determines blind position based on the position of the sun and climatic conditions

alisdairjsmyth/node-red-contrib-lifx-api 9

A collection of Node-RED nodes to control LIFX globes using the HTTP Remote Control API

alisdairjsmyth/homebridge-ambiclimate 7

Ambi Climate accessory plugin for Homebridge

alisdairjsmyth/node-ambiclimate 4

A thin Node.js wrapper of the Ambi Climate HTTP API.

alisdairjsmyth/homebridge-ambiclimate-thermostat 3

Ambi Climate Thermostat accessory plugin for Homebridge

alisdairjsmyth/node-red-contrib-ambiclimate 1

A collection of Node-RED nodes to control Ambi Climate devices.

alisdairjsmyth/lifx-http-api 0

:bulb: Thin wrapper around the Lifx HTTP API (

alisdairjsmyth/nanonauts 0

Exercises within the book "Create with <Code>: Make your own game"

alisdairjsmyth/node-red-contrib-qmotion 0

A Node-RED node to control QMotion blinds using a QSync device