alexnask/interface.zig 86

Dynamic dispatch for zig made easy

alexnask/iguanaTLS 69

Minimal, experimental TLS 1.2 implementation in Zig

alexnask/ctregex.zig 68

Compile time regular expressions in zig

alexnask/analysis-buddy 4

Analysis buddy for the zig issue linker discord bot

alexnask/lepto.zig 4

Date and time library for zig, inspired by C++20 std::chrono

alexnask/gooc-gen 3

ooc binding generator based on the ooc GObject-Introspection binding, ooc-gi

alexnask/auto-click 1

Multitasking auto clicker written in ooc (with a bit of C, I was too bored to bind xlib for ooc :P) that allows you to continue using your mouse normally

alexnask/cooved 1

ooc ide written in ooc

alexnask/glossac 1

"Γλώσσα" (greek pseudo-language) compiler

alexnask/herge 1

A parser generator