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Albert Aleksieiev albertaleksieiev @readdle Kyiv, Ukraine I am a Software Engineer with an understanding of algorithms and data structures. Doing Android magic in @readdle.

albertaleksieiev/ZopaDrumMachine 13

🎛️ Audio processing examples implemented by Kotlin and AndroidOboe C++ Audio library

albertaleksieiev/IGN-Game-Rating-Prediction 5

🎮 Tensorflow IGN Game Rating prediction

albertaleksieiev/zpy 5

🎈Work in shell with your favorite languages.

albertaleksieiev/react-native-android-extras 4

Passing extras from native to React Native

albertaleksieiev/OneShotTelegram 1

🎨 TelegramBot UI Framework

albertaleksieiev/spotisync 1

Download and sync your Spotify playlist in 1 click

albertaleksieiev/design 0

WebAssembly Design Documents


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