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Antti Kupila akupila Amsterdam, Netherlands Software engineer

akupila/go-wasm 123

WebAssembly binary file parser written in go

akupila/gitprompt 21

Display git status in the the terminal prompt

akupila/ArduinoContinuousServo 8

An Arduino library for controlling continuous (full rotation) servos similar to stepper motors

akupila/Captain-Pugsley 2

Smart wifi connected motion tracker & iOS app with a personality!

akupila/eagle-libraries 1

Various libraries for Cadsoft Eagle. Some footprints tested, not all. All footprints based on datasheets

akupila/eagle-ulp 1

Some random Cadsoft Eagle ULP scripts

akupila/go-indefinite-article 1

Go package to resolve indefinite article (a or an) for an english word


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started time in 2 months