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akre54/Backbone.NativeView 115

A reference implementation of a native Backbone.View

akre54/Backbone.NativeAjax 61

A Backbone.Ajax function powered by native XHR methods

akre54/Backbone.Attributes 39

Give any object Backbone getters and setters

akre54/Backbone.D3View 26

A Backbone View powered by a D3 DOM wrapper

akre54/Backbone.Fetch 16

A drop-in Backbone.ajax replacement powered by window.fetch

akre54/cropsy 12

Draggable, Twitter-like image viewport cropper

akre54/Comp-Vision 3

NYU Comp Vision Spring 2012 projects

akre54/backbone-d3 2

A jQuery-to-D3 Adapter for Backbone

akre54/backbone.stickit 2

Backbone data binding, model binding plugin. The real logic-less templates.

akre54/CompArchitecture 2

NYU Comp Architecture Fall 2011 projects