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Lukas Fürmetz akermu ESR Labs Munich

akermu/emacs-libvterm 1074

Emacs libvterm integration

esrlabs/chipmunk 300

log analysis tool

akermu/krunner-pass 28

Integrates krunner with pass

akermu/cbm.el 9

Cycle by major - Cycle through buffers with the same major-mode

akermu/akermu-xmonad 1

My xmonad config

akermu/rlock 1

Linux screen locker written in rust

akermu/borg 0

Assimilate Emacs packages as Git submodules

akermu/chipmunk 0

log analysis tool

akermu/concurrentqueue 0

A fast multi-producer, multi-consumer lock-free concurrent queue for C++11