akabe/evilml 151

A compiler from ML to C++ template language

akabe/docker-ocaml-jupyter-datascience 36

Dockerfiles for data science in OCaml on Jupyter

akabe/docker-iocaml-datascience 28

Dockerfile of Jupyter (IPython notebook) and IOCaml (OCaml kernel) with libraries for data science and machine learning

akabe/docker-ocaml 14

Minimum docker images for OCaml+OPAM

akabe/ocaml-crf 7

A simple library for conditional random field (CRF) in OCaml

akabe/docker-ocaml-jupyter 6

Minimum Docker image for OCaml Jupyter

akabe/obs-transcript 4

Real-time subtitle generation by speech recognition for OBS Studio

akabe/docker-latex 3

My LaTeX environment on Docker

akabe/kuru-kuru-rin 3

Rotate a hypercube

akabe/docker-iocaml 2

Dockerfile for IOCaml on Python Jupyter