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aloise/functional-web-service 8

Scala, Cats-Effects, DB

ae0n/anchor 0

Javascript object validation based on

ae0n/benchmarks 0

Some benchmarks of different languages

ae0n/http4s 0

A minimal, idiomatic Scala interface for HTTP

ae0n/InfColorPicker 0

iOS color picker view controller which presents a hue bar and a saturation/brightness box to allow selection of any RGB color.

ae0n/MWPhotoBrowser 0

A simple iOS photo and video browser with grid view, captions and selections.

ae0n/tapir 0

Declarative, type-safe web endpoints library

aloise/utility-cost-app-backend 0

Utility Cost App - Backend Service

aloise/utility-cost-app-frontend 0

Utility Cost App Frontend - HTML5 Angular

issue commentreactchartjs/react-chartjs-2

Re-rendering plot when any state of the component changes

test-react-chartjs-2 is fixing this problem. Please include those changes in a new minor version


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issue openedchartjs/Chart.js

TypeScript problem, in `ScriptableContext` `chart` is always have type `never`

I've found that after update to version 3.5.0 in the ScriptableContext field chart is always never. I've checked the source code and it seems that problem is in the IntersectItems type which on one of the steps it tries to produce intersect type from all properties and fails.

A link to typescript playground

Also, I've made a small step by step example of data types inside of the IntersectItems. You can check it by this typescript playground link

Consts fooX and valuesFooX works fine, but intersectValuesFooX have type {foo: string} & {foo: number} which is equal to {foo: never} and as a result the type of const unfooIntersectValuesFooX is never.


<!-- Include as many relevant details about the environment you experienced the bug in -->

  • Chart.js version: 3.5.0
  • Typescript version: 4.3.5

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pull request commentsoftwaremill/tapir

fixed docs generation of referenced enums when they're inside of a collection

By some reason CI check is failed in the repo checkout step.


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push eventae0n/tapir

David van Geest

commit sha b07d51d436101cff1945290626e8484beda7bc9e

Make authorizationUrl optional.

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David van Geest

commit sha 2f5da55e74a93c8b89ff52ada8dab037ea614377

Fix test compilation error.

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Adam Warski

commit sha 55b5776ae329d9fbf1bbaabbb34152a9b4e33b5f

Merge pull request #1342 from dvgica/fix-reqd-authorization-url Make authorizationUrl optional

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