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Alexander Voikov adzeitor Открытая мобильная платформа ОС Аврора Russia, Innopolis

adzeitor/dlink-backup 8

backup dlink switches

adzeitor/mediatr 4

WIP: Reflect based mediator for CQRS

adzeitor/.emacs.d 2

adzeitor Emacs config

adzeitor/ 2

adzeitor/background 2

Convert go handler to background job

adzeitor/stopka 2

Experimental: Clone of min-lang implemented in golang

adzeitor/http-debug 1

Small haskell service for debugging http requests (similar to

adzeitor/kik 1

left/right pad as service :frog:

adzeitor/migrate 1

WIP: Go rails-like migrations


started time in 2 months